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How can you sum up in just a few words what a week or two can mean in the land that spread the very seeds of civilization across three continents and once ruled the length and breadth of the known world?

Greece is the place of romantic dreams, classical myths and ageless History. The country that gave birth to the Olympian
Pantheon, brave men who once ruled the civilized world, inspired artists who created beauty in all of its forms, great thinkers who challenged realities, master poets who beautifully narrated tales of heroism and passion, legendary travelers who tamed the seven seas.

No matter where you Clik on map and get from the Greek destinations more information.
Chalkidiki Attica - Athens Lesvos Island Santorini Island Magnisia Pilion Corfu Island Mykonos Island Naxos Island Ios Island Thessaloniki - Macedonia Paros Island Evia Island travel, the past will always be close at hand adding the spice and flavor of history, day in, day out. Stand in any one of a thousand ancient ruins and you stand in the footsteps of fabled travelers such as Odysseus and Perseus. Take a boat from any one of a thousand harbors, and you are an Argonaut following the wake of Jason.

Blessed with majestic natural beauty, mild weather, bright blue skies, crystal waters and sunny days - even in midwinter Greece is the perfect destination for your holidays.

The most wonderful thing is, that although today's Greece is an altogether much more modern experience, nothing has really changed and you can still sit in a terrace taverna, overlooking the scenes of past glories, sipping a glass of cold retsina, eating grapes plucked directly from the vines overhead.

To put it simply, Greece and its people have a timeless quality that greets you in the same way that travelers have been welcomed through the centuries!





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Φωτογραφίες από Ελλάδα
::Pictures of Hellas::
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History of Hellas
Ancient Hellenic Archit.
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Εικαστικά Θέματα
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Figurative Arts

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Φωτογραφίες από Ελλάδα
::Pictures of Hellas::

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