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03/02/2006 uti.gr Update the Page of Signature with Prague rates and Dep. Days
03/02/2006 uti-hotelsingreece.gr Update the Athens Accomodatios pages with key words Gr. & En.
Update the main page with key words
06/01/2004 Update with new services as special offers & packages for accommodations & cars, for individuals and travel agents.
28/12/2003 Update with new services as search a machine to makes your navigation easier on our site with Greek & English characters.
15/12/2003 Up date Pages for Acc. Categories Photos of Anaxos Res. & Links English to Greek Language.
14/12/2003 Up date Pages for Category Special Offers for the Acc.
10/12/2003 Up date Pages Molyvos & Mytilini & Links Eglish to Greek Language.
14/10/2003 Up date with Homerus Rent A Car & Links Eglish to Greek Language, Lesvos Monasteries, Troyan Hill Mais.
06/09/2003 Up date with Index & Tool for reservations
24/09/2003 Up date with forms Reservations - Comments - News Letter
15/09/2003 Up date Internet Greek & in English language

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