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In the On Line tourist portal of will find online travel services for traveling, summer holidays, sailing holidays and classifieds with many more benefits.


1) Flight Tickets []

" OnLine Flights and Fares "

The presents in collaboration with CRS the reservation system and the issue electronic tickets on line.
In this section you will:
a) Find flights one-way or multiple trip in real time ( Real Time Bookings )
b) Telephone Support
c) Integrated packages for people who organize everything from their home or office [Flight + Hotel, Flight + Car, Flight + Hotel + Car] in real time ( Real Time Bookings ).
e.g. Searching for a booking package which includes flight, hotel and car, the engine draws and selects from multiple databases hotels with the best prices, adds the offers of airline companies and the best available car prices.

d) List of all airports in Greece and in major cities around the world with plenty of information
e) On Line informational boards with Real Time Arrivals and Departures of flights in Greece and in major airports of the world.
f) Weather forecast in Greece and around the world from more accurate sites.
g) Bookings made ​​by credit card and securely of transactions Contained Security Systems VeriSigh Secure Site.

2) Travel - Holidays []

" Excursions, Travel, Alternative Tourism & Hospitality Packages "

The presents in cooperation with travel agencies organized vacations packages and alternative forms of tourism in Greece and abroad with detailed presentations of packets.
In this section you will:
1) " Flights in Package " Complete packages for individual & for those who organizing everything from their home or office in real time (Real Time Bookings) .

1. " Flights + Hotels " (Real Time Bookings)
2. " Flights + Car Hire(Real Time Bookings)
2) " Car Rentals " Searching for car hire in Greece and abroad from affiliated car rental companies for all types and categories of vehicles for people who organize everything from your home or office in real time. (Real Time Bookings).
3) Travel Packages " Package searching in Greece and abroad by its affiliated Travel Agencies - Groups & Organizations Individual and then immediately your reservation.
4) " Hotel Packages " Search and find hotel accommodation packages for Individual & Groups and click booking directly. Members shall be all accommodations and travel agencies.
5) " Travel Αds " For visitors who want to read the ads in the traditional way as it is in print newspapers. 
6) "  Weather " Weather + Forecast in Greece and around the world from more accurate Sites.
) Fast and simple finding travel packages as ads [ Travel Αds ].

3) Hotels all over the World []

" Book OnLine your accommodation and travel around the world "

Le Domaine de LonvilliersThe presents in collaboration with all the hotels and apartments, the online booking system for travel, vacation in worldwide as well as detailed presentations of services and rooms.
In this section you will: Flamingo Beach Resort
a) Hotel OnLine search by country, city, region, place of interesting and airport. ( Real Time Bookings ).

b) Find accommodation by region, by period by category and per type of accommodation in real time ( Real Time Bookings ).
c) Multiple ways for the quick and simple Search of accommodation.
d) The reservation / s is guaranteed by credit card. There is high security of stored sensitive personal and financial data at your transactions. Contained ( Security Systems Secure Server )

e) "  Weather " Weather + Forecast in Greece and around the world from more accurate Sites.

4) Recreational Boats []

" Boats - Marinas - Yachting - Chartering - Rentals - Sales "

The presents in cooperation with the boat owners and the charter offices (Broker) for all kinds of recreational speedboats, sailboats, catamarans and large yachts. There are many search criteria for vessels for your best selection.
Still would find part sell all kinds of vessels from small fishing boats, trehantiria to large yachts and finally shops with items related to the sea and many other services and applications.

In this section you will:

a) Find more vessels with criteria of categories and types e.g. Catamaran Sailboats Speedboats ​​etc.
b) Find More Yacht criteria of occupant numbers or number of cabins etc.
c) Docks, Remetzo and Marinas.
d) Traffic informational table on line of small and large boats and vessels anywhere in the world.
e) Nautical, Marine Stores and accessories and gifts shops.
f) "  Weather " Weather + Forecast in Greece and around the world from more accurate Sites with local winds, the restis for fishing, diving and recreation.

5) Tourist - Travel Forum []

" Tourism - News - Forum - Information - Updates "

The presents the Tourist and Informative Forum for everyone involved in tourism industry.
In this section you will:
α) Tourism

  • Air Transportations
  • Alternative Tourism
  • Research and Studies
  • Sea Tourism & Transportations
  • Accommodation
  • Travel Agencies
  • General Tourist Topics
  • Technology & Tourism

b) Exhibitions - Fairs - Workshops - Meetings

  • Travel and Tourist Exhibitions
  • Food & Beverage Fairs

c) Federations - Chamber - Unions

  • Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
  • SETE

d) Prefecture

  • Regions
  • Municipalities
  • Towns

6) Classified Advertisements []

" Classified Ads & Great Presentation for purchases, sales, promotion of products and services"

The presents Classifieds Ads & Great Presentations on purchases, for sales and for promotion of your products and your services.
Are you Manufacturer, Tour operators, Hotelier, Broker, Supplier, Trader or an Individual and you want to provide your company or your products and your services or you are looking to Buy & to Sell?
Contact with the all the world through the pages of by entering your small advert in Greek and in English.
Promote your company with a banner on the pages of, with special offers.

Maybe your small ad to be your golden opportunity!

In this section you will:
1)Auto Moto Drive 2) Agricultural Vehicles & Tools 3) Real Estate 4) Business Opportunities 5) Spare Parts - Services - Workshops 6) Hotel & Accom. Packages & Travel Agencies 7) Marine Tourism - Brokerage 8) Traveling Packages & Travel Agencies 9) Tourism - Vacations 10) Cruises 11) Home Furniture & Garden 12) Events 13) Education 14) Hobby 15) Commercial 16) Office Equipment - Set Up Office & Busines 17) Business Equipment 18) Business Fit-Out - Tools 19) Technical & Electronic Equipments 20) Equipment Building & Construction 21) All about the Business 22) Telephony 23) Drinks & Foods 24) Optically 25) Health - Fitness


7) Yellow Pages []

" Indexes - Business Categories - Classifications "

The presents the Tourist and Business Directory, a tool for each user.
In this section you will:
a) Find More Tourism and Commercial Enterprise, nominally and per class.
b) Detailed presentation of the elements of each projected enterprise.
c) Registration and View all of professionals in the tourism or commercial space are Totally Internet Free
d) View all Logos and Web pages of the alleged companies (This service is optional entry, of the seller: There is only a small annual fee to register the logo and link to the website of the user).

8) Ferry Boat Tickets []

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9) Urban Transports []

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10) Greece - Regions []

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