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Acharavi's Hotels and accommodation in Corfu Island of Greece
Αλλαγή γλώσσας στα Ελληνικά
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Acharavi is situated on the northern tip of the Ionian Island of Corfu (Kerkyra). It has long since established itself as one of the top resorts on Map of Acharavi at Corfu Island - Greecethe North of Corfu and is particularly suited to couples and families. Around 40km from the airport, it takes about an hour to get into Acharavi. The scenery on the journey is stunning as you pass through the mountains and quaint old Greek villages.

Acharavi Beach in Corfu Island - GreeceThe resort comprises a main road with about 8 roads all leading to the sand and shingle beach.

The beach is particularly family-friendly as the water is shallow for about 50 metres into the sea. The main road and beach-front are littered with bars, restaurants, gift shops and supermarkets.

There is a roundabout in the centre of Acharavi called "The Pump" because this is where the village pump used to be and where the Pumphouse restaurant is today.

A road leads from the roundabout into the old village of Acharavi.This is often missed but well worth a stroll as there are more bars and restaurants and older more traditional buildings.

Such is the popularity of Acharavi that many people have been returning to the resort for years and years and have witnessed it change from a small village to what it is today. Some people have even moved here permanently to live in and around the village.

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Century Resort Hotel May - October

For more details of Century Resort Hotel in Acharavi of Corfu Island - Greece press here !!!

4* stars Hotel Hotel BB

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The Century Resort is situated 500 meters from the beautiful 8 km long beach of Acharavi. Hotel Rates
The Century Resort is situated in the picturesque village of Acharavi, about 37 Km away from Corfu town, amidst 50,000 sq m of lush natural surroundings. OnLine Booking
Families, people with children, and people who seek a place to relax, find "paradise on earth" at Century Resort
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Ionian Hotel Marie May - October

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3* stars Hotel Hotel RR

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Gelina Village Hotel April - October

For more details about Gelina Village Hotel press here!!!

4* stars Hotel Hotel     BB & HB & ALL

Directly on the long beach of Acharavi  
Enriched breakfast in buffet  
The unit is setup in 400.000 square metres.  
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